What is the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS)?

What is NIMAS?

NIMAS is a technical standard used by publishers to produce source files (in XML) that may be used to develop multiple specialized formats (such as Braille or audio books) for students with print disabilities.

Once a NIMAS file set has been produced, the XML and image source files may be used not only for printed materials, but also to create Braille, large print, HTML, or DAISY books using human voice or text-to-speech, audio files and more
The various specialized formats created from NIMAS file sets may then be used to support a very diverse group of learners who qualify as students with print disabilities.

It is important to note that most elementary and secondary educational publishers do not own all of the electronic rights to their textbooks and related core print materials and a copyright exemption allows them to deliver the electronic content of a textbook and related core print materials to the NIMAC, a national repository which began operations on 12/3/06.

Vermont is an open territory state with no centralized textbook acquisition. The selection and purchase of textbooks and instructional materials is a local district activity.

ALL Requests for textbooks in alternative formats in VT must go through Bookshare


Bookshare is the authorized AMP in VT . ( Alternative Media Producer)

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