Posted 09/12/12

FreeSpeech for iPad
Download FreeSpeech for iPad for from the iTunes App Store. FreeSpeech is a communication tool based upon research in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and human-computer interaction,
The vision of this technology in collaboration with world-class researchers, clinicians, and experts in autism and speech and language disorders.
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Posted 5/01/12

A free tool for creating differentiated learning goals. Users can construct explicit goals by choosing a thinking skill (from Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy), type of content, resources required, product outcome, and number of collaborators. Created for teachers by a teacher who also moonlights as computer programmer.

Posted 4/11/12

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FREE Do It Yourself Web 2.0 Tools eCourse

We are now excited to offer a two-week Do It Yourself Web 2.0 Tools eCourse for FREE! Sign up and you’ll receive an email every day for two weeks with a Web 2.0 tool activity. At the end of the eCourse, you’ll be well on your way to being a Web 2.0 tools master and developing your personal learning network. Sign up here.
Next class starts: Tomorrow! Sign up anytime.

Posted 4/5/12

Check out this excellent new website for all things that are ED TECH INNOVATION. It is free and very uptodate. Great way to stay "on the curve" or "slightly ahead of it". The following are clips from past newsletters.

EdSurge Newsletter (turn on 'display images' to show image)
EdSurge Newsletter (turn on 'display images' to show image)

Posted on 03/03/12
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Brainology teaches students how the brain functions, learns, and remembers, and how it changes in a physical way when we exercise it.

That’s a crucial message to pass on to children, and it’s not just empty words of encouragement—it’s supported by cutting-edge research on neuroplasticity, which shows that the brain changes and grows when we learn new things. You and your student, can learn to be smarter.
(Mindshift 2/3/12)

Posted on 01/31/12
Gooru is a free platform for students and teachers to access standards-based online resources in organized “playlists” for learning. The website’s tagline is “learning is social.”

Students can access “ClassBooks”—collections of textbooks, videos, and assessments—on any topic, and they can interact with their peers and teachers while studying.

Teachers can search for standards-aligned web resources organized into “ClassPlans,” which they can customize and share with the larger community.

In short, educators can use the site to search and teach, while students can use it to search and study;.